Garment Exporters in Indonesia

Thobe Fabric Manufacturers in IndonesiaOur company, CV. PRIMA SENTOSA RAYA, is engaged in the garment industry located in East Java, Indonesia. In the beginning, we pioneered and pursued this line of business since 2012 under the name Seha Production, until finally we inaugurated our business called CV. Prima Sentosa Raya which has provided many lessons to constantly improve product quality, performance and company systems. With the support of adequate production equipment and human resources for years we are determined to provide professional & best service to consumers.

As a company that is managed professionally, our company has several advantages:

1. Large production capacity

2.Products produced are of high quality and according to standards

3. Custom design Oriented (based on consumer desires)

4. Results of Neat screen printing or embroidery

5. We apply the Quality Control process to minimize errors 6. Adequate financial support

7. Affordable prices

We provide clothes that can be applied (applicable) in every business of our customers. Building a relationship value chain between us, the Customer, on an ongoing and long-term basis. CV. Prima Sentosa Raya’s products include Muslim Clothing, Thobe, Work Uniforms, Shirts, Jackets, Office Uniforms, Promotional T-shirts, Sports Uniforms, Polo Shirt Shirts, Training Spots, Maternity Suits, Wearpacks, Formal Jackets Vests, Daily Service Clothing, Field Service Clothing, Work Pants. We always strive to provide the best quality products by prioritizing speed, accuracy and optimal service. We will help realize any number of products for your work uniform. By applying strict quality control standards on our own production floor, we strive to be a company that is superior and trusted by many garments, and clothing manufacturers that have sprung up in Indonesia.